Kline Partners with WSL/Strategic Retail to Deliver In-depth Skin Care Market Analysis and the Shopper’s Perspective

To help companies understand every facet of the U.S. skin care market and its channels and shoppers, Kline is joining forces with WSL/Strategic Retail, a global retail strategy and shopper insights specialist headed by Wendy Liebmann, CEO and Chief Shopper and Candace Corlett, President. WSL/SR is highly respected for helping its clients build innovative retail strategies that drive shoppers to stores. WSL/SR has been delivering shopper insights to manufacturers and retailers for over a quarter of a century. Together, Kline and WSL have created a new report called Beauty View: Skin Care, which marries 50 years of Kline’s best-in-class market and competitive intelligence with WSL/SR’s perceptive shopper insights.Read More »

Beauty’s Hottest Ticket

Three of Kline’s industry experts and beauty mavens—Carrie Mellage, Karen Doskow, and Donna Barson—attended the Cosmetic Executive Women’s Beauty Awards Product Demonstration held March 7, 2012 at New York’s Metropolitan Pavilion. This much anticipated event showcases the latest and greatest product offerings from hundreds of beauty brands, while attendees leave with the mother lode of all goodie bags.  Some exciting products spotted by Kline include:Read More »

Impressions from International Salon and Spa Expo (ISSE)

Long Beach, CA, January 28-30, 2012

The vibe at ISSE was decidedly sex, candy, and rock-and-roll. At least half of the exhibitors boasted a hot pink and black palette. Sugar-inspired concoctions were everywhere—as were bare-chested men, hair and feather extensions, and bling.  The floor teemed with stylists that donned apparel, accessories, and hair reminiscent of 1980s punk. Michael O’Rourke and countless other stylists plucked passersby from the crowd to give them instant (and occasionally unexpected) makeovers, with Michael’s new “Rock Your Hair” collection. The booth for Moroccan Oil was huge, vibrant, and lined with hundreds of stylists patiently waiting to purchase product, illustrating this “one-hit wonder’s” staying power.Read More »

L’Oréal Acquires Clarisonic – A Logical Choice

The recent news of L’Oréal’s acquisition of Pacific Bioscience Laboratories, Inc., the marketer of Clarisonic, comes as no surprise to us at Kline. L’Oréal has a long and solid history of growing its business by acquiring and developing dynamic brands… Matrix, Kiehl’s, Skinceuticals, and Essie, just to name a few. L’Oréal is a leader in the global and U.S. beauty market; it has deep pockets; and is quick to act on market trends. The firm is also reporting solid financial results against the backdrop of a tough economy, with its first three quarters of 2011 up 5.1% on a like-for-like basis. The acquisition will also help bolster L’Oréal’s position in skin care in the U.S., which is relatively weak compared to its global standing.Read More »

My visit to Cosmoprof North America 2011

Cosmoprof North America started out with a bang. My colleague Kristy Altenburg and I first hit TIGI’s “Candy Fixations” party where we enjoyed some yummy candy-inspired cocktails and left with goodie bags filled with TIGI’s latest sugarlicious launches (thanks TIGI!). We then headed over to the Professional Beauty Association (PBA)’s Get Together Party where everyone comes together to meet and greet.

Sunday morning the PBA Symposium kicked off with a keynote address by Stedman Graham. I was a bit star struck the day earlier when I bumped into Stedman (yes, Oprah’s man!) while checking in to the hotel.Read More »

Kline’s HBA session “A Close Look at the Personal Care Market”.

Last Thursday I had the privilege of speaking at a session at the HBA called “A Close Look at the Personal Care Market”.

I kicked off the session by sharing some highlights and data from our recently-published market research studies. I focused on the latest trends and developments which have helped the industry to recently rebound.Read More »

Kline at HBA 2011: A Close Look at the Personal Care Market

A presentation by Kline’s Director Carrie Mellage.

The plain truth is that everyone needs personal care products – and if you want yours to stand out on the shelf, it’s important to stay on top of the market trends and keep designing products that pop. This session will feature a detailed trends and data overview of the personal care market from Read More »

The New Consumer: Post-Recession Recovery Demands New Approach from Consumer Products Brands

As our vantage point on the worst recession since the Great Depression takes shape in the collective rear-view mirror, one thing is certain: consumerism has changed dramatically. The buy-now-pay-later, keep-up-with-the-Joneses mentality that once drove market dynamics has been largely replaced by a more frugal and practical consumer approach. Most economic experts agree thatRead More »

McDonald has Big Shoes to Fill at P&G

McDonald has Big Shoes to Fill at P&G Lafley’s tenure was a profitable one that will be tough to top, says Carrie Mellage of Kline.

On January 1, 2010, Robert McDonald will succeed A.G. Lafley as Chairman of the Board of Procter & Gamble after assuming the role of CEO and President earlier this year, and Lafley will officially retire from the company effective February 25, 2010. Though the last year has been rough for P&G (who hasn’t it been rough for?), Lafley’s tenure marks one of the more prosperous periods for the company—an era which will be tough to top. More…

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